Chairman unit microphone Representative unit microphone

technical parameter:
● Unidirectional microphone, the microphone core has the function of preventing air popping, and the length of the microphone shaft is optional (normal: 42cm)
● High sensitivity, when the speaking distance is 5-30cm, the voice is clear and loud without feedback
● Frequency response: 100Hz-13kHz
● Sensitivity -44dB±2dB
● The working voltage is DC24V, provided by the main control machine

● Countertop structure

● T-shaped hand in hand” connection technology, support line “hot swap”, microphone pole detachable
● With OLED liquid crystal display, display time and date in standby mode, countdown speech function, unit has speech timing function
● Shrapnel buttons, super button feel, long service life
● The microphone unit has an independent ID number, which is convenient for installation and avoids duplication of ID numbers
● The ID number of the microphone unit can be reset through the front panel of the conference host or the application software
● The chairman unit has a priority control button, which can start the system prompt to remind all attendees to pay attention, and can set the permanent termination of all speaking and waiting for the microphone function (there is no restriction between the chairman units)
● Super strong anti-cell phone and electromagnetic interference ability
● The screw-type locking structure interface can prevent the microphone cable and the microphone from falling off due to unreasonable operation and causing no sound output from the system
● S-type supports video tracking function