Chairman unit microphone TDSZ6c

Technical parameters

● frequency response: 80Hz ~ 16KHz

● sensitivity: – 44db ± 2dB

● reference speech distance: 15cm ~ 60cm

● boom length: 28cm

● The tabletop is movable and can be inserted into the microphone tube (long and short microphone tubes are optional);

● All digital audio technology, built-in high-performance dual-core CPU, fast processing speed, good sound quality;

● Support 48k audio sampling rate, frequency response 20 Hz-20000 Hz;

● Based on Toton’s original digital audio processing and transmission technology;

● Multi-language interface can be freely selected;

● 1 set of 3.5mm stereo output socket, can be used for recording and connecting headphones

● Built-in high-fidelity speaker with volume adjustment (the speaker is automatically muted when the microphone is turned on) ● Support hot swap;

● The switch key has a light ring;

● Anti-cell phone and electromagnetic interference function;

● Support video positioning and tracking function;

● Support voting function