Feedback Suppressor TD1220

  • Can effectively suppress howling; Extend volume; Output voltage: output phantom 48V; Power supply mode: AC~220V-230V, 50/60Hz; Output current: 6.5mA
  • Microphone connection matching: phantom and non-phantom powered microphones
  • Six phantom power microphone inputs; Six microphone phantom power supply independent switch selection;Six microphone and line input frequency shift effect independent switch selection
  • Frequency shift amount: 5Hz±1Hz; Promotion of sound transmission gain: 5-14dB
  • Line input impedance≥5KΩ; Line output impedance≤600Ω; Frequency response: non-frequency shift state: 20Hz-20KHz frequency shift state: 150Hz-15KHz
  • Microphone connection mode: 6-way XLR female socket; Weight: 2.60KG; Specifications (length * width * height) mm: 1U chassis 420*205*44
  • External input connection: 6-channel microphone XLR, line RCA mono, effect mono
  • Output connection: XLR balance, line RCA mono, effect mono
  • Power rate: 15W; Switch/indication: rocker switch, panel power indicator, frequency shift switching indication

The feedback suppressor was originally designed to eliminate feedback. It uses the latest DSP technology in order to efficiently and frequently shift the audio signal. This system is widely used in commercial buildings, plazas, schools, karaoke, meeting rooms and other places. Each microphone channel has an independent phantom power switch, which effectively protects both the speaker and other audio equipment. Ensure voice transmission quality, high fidelity, and clear voice. Even in a bad environment, the whistle can be suppressed to a great extent. It can effectively prevent audio equipment and speakers from burning out. TD1220 is equipped with six phantom-powered microphone balanced inputs, and a system connection port, dual-channel input and output ports. According to needs, it can be expanded in series to form a large-scale anti-howling conference system.The local speaker of the conference system realizes the independent effect connection port (EFX).It has independent microphone adjustment.It also has 1 external input frequency shift manual switch, 6 microphone frequency shift manual switch, 6 microphone phantom power supply options.