Gooseneck Microphone TD99

●Conference microphone with voice control
●Energy conversion method: permanent polar capacitive type
●Frequency response: 40Hz-16KHz ; Directivity: Super-cardioid pointing
●Transmission impedance (ohm): 200Ω ; Sensitivity: -38dB±2dB
●Supply voltage (V): DC9V/phantom 48V ; Microphone length: 310mm; Single microphone weight: 0.74KG
●Microphone cable length and configuration: 10 meters dual core, XLR female + XLR male
●Output and indication: unbalanced, seat lamp, tube lamp
●Mobile phone, electromagnetic, high frequency interference

TD99 is a desktop shockproof conference microphone with switch and indication. The microphone rod and output connection adopt spiral structure. Elegant appearance and built-in high-tech matching lines are suitable for conference, broadcasting and communication purposes. The base adopts integral metal shaft pressing and anti reflective surface treatment. Built in shockproof design can prevent noise caused by vibration.