Intelligent CNC Conference System TD6500

Technical parameters.
● Frequency response:100Hz ~18KHz;
● Total harmonic distortion: at 100Hz ~18KHz; Conference system sound output is less than 0.1%
Power is 500W, AC220V power supply
● Can be installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet
● Compliant with international certification standards for conference equipment and China Compulsory CCC certification

● Adopt digital audio processing and transmission technology, with 4 DELEGATS output interfaces, total microphone capacity: ≤250 units
● The connection between the conference control host and the microphone unit adopts an 8-core inner shielded cable
● “”T-shaped hand in hand”” connection technology, the system has an automatic repair function, and supports the “”hot plug”” of the line
● Equipped with a network control port, which can upgrade and update the control host through the network port, and has an RS232 interface, which can be used for centralized microphone management through a computer and special software
● Built-in conference unit detection function, which can automatically detect each conference unit before the conference
● With a 122×32 LCD display, a stand-alone machine can realize conference functions such as freedom, rotation, restricted speech, and chairman dedicated. There are function keys and knobs on the host panel for system status display and setting.
● The host has 8 inputs and 2 outputs video matrix, supports multiple control protocols
● With the camera and video switcher, through the RS232 interface, the camera can be automatically tracked
● The host has a timing function to manage the speaking time of the microphone unit
● The system has high-quality sound channel effects
● The system has 1 MIC microphone input port, 3 sets of audio signal output terminals, which can be connected to external recording equipment or audio equipment
● The system has a group of call interfaces, with a telephone coupler, it can realize telephone conference communication
● The system has a gain knob, which can control the system sound pressure
● The system has high-fidelity speakers for conference monitoring, and has a volume control knob to adjust
● The system has a USB interface for conference recording and storage (optional)”