Pro Mixing Console TDF8/2

●Input mode: 4 way microphone XLR mother, 4 way RCA ; Output mode: main channel dual-channel balanced, 6.35 socket. SUB dual channel 6.35 socket

●Mono input is equipped with high-quality microphone amplifier.

●Function: high and middle bass adjustment, microphone 48V power supply selection, recording output, 2 grouping output, 2 auxiliary output, digital reverb

●Each channel has a high, middle and low 3-band parametric equalizer.

●Beautiful sound quality ; External low-noise power supply design.

●With recording input and output function

●Switch and indication: rocker switch, panel power indicator, monitor level indication

●Factory configuration: finished product, manual, certificate, warranty card, power adapter

The pro mixing console is key to a professional audio system.Using preamplifier as the main part, it can receive multi-channel audio signals of different impedances and levels and can equalize, mix, distribute these signals.As long as you achieve the best SNR and timbre through adjustment, the pro mixing console will complete efficient and quality transmission of audio signals.TDF8/2: 4 channels Mono and 4 channels Mic input, 2 channel stereo input