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Your Guide To Feedback Suppressor!

Various types of equipment are used in music and other related events. The event that occurs when a microphone picks up sound from a speaker while that speaker is playing sound from the microphone thus creating a loop is called feedback. It is commonly described as a signal feeding back into itself.

Similarly, the advanced equipment that is used to inhibit the event of feedback is called a feedback suppressor or feedback inhibitor. If feedback is left untreated, it can damage your speakers. So in order to avoid this type of situation, a feedback suppressor is compulsory equipment. Meanwhile, you can contact us if you want to buy a feedback suppressor from a professional company.

Our company (Guangzhou Todun Electronics Co., Ltd) is a professional company that specializes in audio and video conference systems. Visit our official website to get a quote on  feedback suppressors or any other equipment. If you want to know more about feedback suppressors, read the article below:

Feedback suppressor:

It is an audio signal processing gadget that is used in the signal path in a live sound reinforcement system to avoid or suppress feedback. Feedback suppressors mainly use 3 tactics to control feedback which are listed hereunder:

  • Automatic notch filtering
  • Frequency shifting
  • Adaptive filtering

The feedback suppressor was originally designed to eliminate feedback. The feedback suppressor manufacturer on our platform uses the latest DSP technology in order to efficiently and frequently shift the audio signal.

This system is widely used in commercial buildings, plazas, schools, karaoke, meeting rooms, and other places. Each microphone channel has an independent phantom power switch, which effectively protects both the speaker and other audio equipment.

It can effectively suppress howling with extended volume. Ensure voice transmission quality, high fidelity, and clear voice. Even in a bad environment, the whistle can be suppressed to a great extent. It can effectively prevent audio equipment and speakers from burning out.

Our advanced feedback suppressors are equipped with six phantom-powered microphone-balanced inputs, and a system connection port, dual-channel input, and output ports. According to needs, it can be expanded in series to form a large-scale anti-howling conference system. It has an independent microphone adjustment. The local speaker of the conference system realizes the independent effect connection port (EFX).

The bottom line:

If you reside outside of China and want to get a quote on our feedback suppressors, then you can contact us through our official platform. Our official website contains all the necessary information related to our products.