Conference Microphone (Metal base)

●Frequency response 40Hz-16KHz
●Output impedance (ohm): 200Ω
●Sensitivity: -45dB±2dB
●Supply voltage (V): DC9V/AC220V
●Microphone length: 390mm
●Microphone cable length and configuration: 10 meters single core, XLR female + 6.35 mono jack
●Single microphone weight: 0.72KG
●Base specification (width * depth * height) mm: 183*112*43

Its energy conversion method is permanent polar capacitive type.And directivity is Heart-shaped pointing. With pre-introduction (when it is turned on, intro will be played out), light ring prompts,  its output and indication can be unbalanced, seat lamp and tube lamp . It has Anti-cell phone, electromagnetic and high frequency interference.