Conference Microphone TDG10

● Unit type: capacitive ;  Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
● Directivity: Heart-shaped ; The best pickup distance: 60-80cm
● Open circuit sensitivity @1kHz: 200mV/Pa
● Nominal impedance: 200Ω ; Load impedance: >1kHz
● Maximum withstand sound pressure @f=1kHz, k<1% ; Power supply: DC48V
● Signal to noise ratio: 60dB ; Power consumption: 25mA ;  T.H.D: <0.1% ;  Connector: 3-pin XLR interface ; Adopt 8-core wire T type connection
● Automatic video tracking function  ; Gooseneck design
● Anti-electromagnetic, mobile phone interference, explosion-proof sound function

Adopt original digital microphone array technology to establish your own sound pickup channel and range, no matter who is speaking, the sound pressure level will not change. Precise control of the sensitivity of the effective pickup range effectively enhances the sound transmission gain of the system.With a larger and farther pickup range, the speaker no longer needs to care where the microphone is, and has a larger space for activity .  Auto power-off function, when the microphone is turned on without sound pickup (when the sound in the pickup range is lower than 50dB), it will automatically turn off when it reaches 45 seconds.It has automatic video tracking function, anti electromagnetic, mobile phone interference and explosion-proof sound function.Besides, it has  greater and longer pickup range andautomatic shutdown function.