Professional Conference Microphone TDG12

◆ Transducer: capacitive type
◆ Frequency response: 80Hz-15kHz
◆ Directivity: super cardioid pointing
◆ Output impedance (Ohm): 1200Ω
◆ Sensitivity: -35dB
◆ Signal-to-noise ratio: 60 dB
◆ Equivalent noise level: 35dB(A)/20u Pa
◆ Total harmonic distortion:1%
◆ Supply voltage: phantom 48V (phantom refers to both current transmission and sound transmission)
◆ Iron seat, anti-cell phone, electromagnetic, high-frequency interference

TDG12 is a combination of four-sided microphone pole and base. Pickup distance is far and clear, anti-interference and stable work, many times successfully applied in large meetings, campuses, command centers, banks, hospitals, municipal public broadcasting, multimedia integrated conference rooms, news rooms and other places. Aluminum alloy is integrally formed, fashionable and elegant, showing noble and solemn temperament.Adopt original digital microphone array technology to establish your own sound pickup channel and range, no matter who is speaking, the sound pressure level will not change. With larger and farther pickup range, the speaker no longer needs to care where the microphone is, and has a larger space for activity.Precise control of the sensitivity of the effective pickup range effectively improves the sound transmission gain of the system.