Conference System Conference Extension Master


Extended master (DC18V)
●For large conferences, when more than 64 attending units are used, due to the limited power of the conference host, it will not be able to drive too many attending units. This requires the help of capacity-increasing hosts. All conference hosts in our company use the same capacity-increasing host. , Easy to use.
●220V~230V, 50Hz/60Hz AC power supply;
●Six 8-pin sockets are used for system multi-channel connection and 2 connection with other expansion host interfaces, supply voltage DC18V
●Can be placed flat on the table or installed in a 19-inch standard cabinet.

TD1000 Technical parameters.
● Frequency response:100Hz ~18KHz;
● Total harmonic distortion: at 100Hz ~18KHz; Conference system sound output is less than 0.1%
● Power is 115W, powered by AC220V
● Can be installed in a standard 19-inch cabinet
● Compliant with international certification standards for conference equipment and China Compulsory CCC certification