Dual Microphone Conference Microphone TD1288

Energy exchange mode: capacitive

Frequency response: 80hz-15khz

Directivity: supercardioid directivity

Output impedance (Ohm): 1200 Ω

Sensitivity: – 35dB

Signal to noise ratio: 60dB

Equivalent noise level: 35dB (a) / 20u p

Double microphone design, built-in 14MM pure gold diaphragm sound head, effective pick-up distance up to 80cm

T-bus hand-hold connection technology, a unit or multiple units failure or replacement will not affect the work of other units in the system, the system has a higher reliability
The system has automatic repair function and supports “hot-swapping” of lines

With microphone speech button and speech indicator, can control and display microphone on/off

Single directional, with anti-air burst sound, built in wind shield function

Chairman microphone with chairman priority control button, can start the system beep to remind all attendees attention, can be set to permanently terminate or suspend the termination of all speakers on behalf of the microphone unit action

The system host power supply, input voltage of DC18V, belongs to the safe range

The chairman unit in the system is not limited, and can be set in the loop position

With the priority function of forcing to cut off the representative microphone unit to speak and the priority tone of the chairman

With the chairman’s proprietary mode: after the chairman presses the PRIO key to close the speaking state of the representative unit, all
representative unit can not be opened until the chairman of the unit to end the speech to close the microphone

Include conference microphone unit connection cable