Fully Digital Conference System TDSZ5000

Technical parameter:

  • 48K sampling, bandwidth 20~20K sound quality, good microphone consistent performance.
  • Built-in high-performance CPU, 32 bit high-speed DSP floating point processing, acoustic feedback suppression, echo cancellation, noise cancellation, digital equalization, providing clear and high-sensitivity sound quality.
  • TCP/IP control, providing reliable and safe management control.
  • Built-in video tracking control module, with HD switching matrix can be realistic HD camera automatic tracking.
  •  Providing balanced and unbalanced input and output interfaces.
  • With FIFO mode, restriction mode, application mode and chairman mode, it can meet the requirements of various types of meetings.
  • With USB recording function.
  • with the system monitoring fu

All-digital conference system will be functional control signal and audio signal for packaging, with full duplex network control transmission, transmission rate, can be used with the central control system, video conferencing system, monitoring fire system, with 12 channels of simultaneous interpretation function, voting function, easy to use, with computer software can achieve more and more powerful management and control. The system uses feedback suppression, noise elimination, automatic gain, digital equalization and other DSP processing technology.Support a variety of conference mode selection, humanized operation interface full touch operation, suitable for all types of meetings.The system can open up to 4 units to speak at the same time, of which the chairman can open up to 3 to speak at the same time (the number of system chairman ≤ 320) . It can be seamlessly connected with the central control system, the maximum degree of professionalism of the conference system is also intelligent. The whole system is unified with six types of double shielded wire connection, 100M network all-digital audio and control signal transmission, long-distance transmission sound quality is not affected, anti-interference ability, communication stability and confidentiality has been effectively improved.