IR Conference System TD8700

Audio channel parameters

●Communication mode: infrared wireless mode ; Number of channels: 4 channels ; Frequency range: 6MHz-8MHz

●Modulation method: FM ; Receiving sensitivity: -85dBM ; Output level: -10dB ; Frequency response: 100Hz-8KHz

●Signal to noise ratio: >70dB ; Distortion: <0.5% ; Transmission distance: 10 meters

●Power: 10W ; Working temperature: 0℃-40℃ ; Size: 484×377×85mm

●IR transmission technology ; Multiple speaking modes ; High security and confidentialit ; Anti-eavesdropping ; Anti-electromagnetic interference ; Signal transmission method: frequency modulation ; High sound fidelity, high signal-to-noise ratio, no sound delay

●Anti-howling single-point high-sensitivity microphone core ; Able to move freely within the signal coverage ; 7 speech modes ;External video tracking function can meet the number of people in various venues up to 128 bits

●Large screen LCD display; hierarchical menu design ; With network control port ; Built-in conference unit detection function, which can automatically detect the microphones of each conference unit before the conference ; Built-in 8 input and 2 output video matrix, support multiple control protocols

●With the camera and video switcher, through the RS232 interface, the camera can be automatically tracked ; With voting function, it can realize the functions of sign-in, voting, election and review

●160×32 dot matrix LCD liquid crystal display, with four function keys for system setting and adjustment ; Two audio signal output terminals for external recording or audio equipment