IR Chairman unit microphone IR Representative unit microphone

technical parameter:

• Power supply: DC12V (charging power supply DC18V/1A) ;  Number of audio channels: 4

• Number of control channels: 1 ;  Frequency: 4MHz-8MHz

• Transmitting power: <10dBm ;  Distortion: <0.5%

• Signal to noise ratio: >82dB

• Rated power: 8W

• OLED display (132X32), can display signal, battery power, charging status, power supply status, microphone switch status, microphone ID number, system time and corresponding status indication;

• Display the status of the microphone;

• You can set the contrast and backlight time of the display; if the communication is interrupted for 60 seconds, it will automatically shut down;

• The chairman unit is not restricted by restricted functions, nor does it participate in the rotation mode speech, and has the priority special function of forcibly cutting off the microphone speech of the attending unit;