Pro Amplifier TDP650

  • Specifications: 10 inches/2 frequency division ; Color: platinum sand, black gold sand
  • Material: Wood ; Frequency response: 100Hz-18KHz ; Impedance: 8Ω ;Rated power: 100W-150Wcal structure with the rack, quick assembly.
  • Large energy linear power supply, high efficiency toroidal transformer ;
  • Balanced and unbalanced input ;
  • Power, protection, signal, clipping LED working status indication.
  • Peak clipping limit, power soft start system. The soft-start feature of the circuit machine delayed by the relay protects the speaker from
  • Dual Speaker and speaker terminal output
  • Low noise design

The pro amplifier has a built-in efficient transformer and high capacity filter power supply. This helps ensure lower distortion, greater low frequency control force and clearer voice when the amplifier outputs at full load. The pro amplifier offers three output modes, including stereo, mono and bridge output. The use of time delay relay circuit allows soft start, which helps protect the speaker against electric shock during POWER ON or OFF. The pro amplifier is widely used on many occasions for speech transmission and sound reinforcement. It owns three output modes: stereo, mono, and bridge.And it  has high sensitivity safety protection circuit as well as high efficiency dual fan cooling channel.