Pro Power Controller TD100C

● Power input conditions (single-phase 3-wire): AC220-240V (AC90-240V optional) 50-60HZ two-phase (three-wire: zero, fire, ground)

● Relay controlled output maximum tolerable single-channel power/total power (reactive power): 2000W/6000W maximum tolerable reactive power

● Interval time/timing time of each switch: 1.5 seconds ; Output relay contact current: 30A 277VAC

● Circuit board specifications: double-sided fiberboard, Panel color: aluminum black panel ;

● Power supply specifications: built-in transformer voltage AC220-240V, optional (switching power supply is suitable for global voltage AC90-240V) 50-60HZ

● Specification of the main cable: 3*4 square cable, with a total length of 1 meter (with power input plug) ; Open type: round steel switch ; Total weight (including packaging): 3.5KG

● Function display voltage meter type: large-screen display liquid crystal voltmeter (black text on blue background)

● Body size: length 480MM * width 245MM * height 48MM (non-standard 1U) ; Single machine packaging size: length 510MM * width 260MM * height 10MM

● Quantity, total weight and outer packaging size: 1 piece and 5 sets, totaling 18KG, outer packaging size: length 533MM * width 340MM * height 482MM


It has 8-way universal socket relay controlled and 2-way universal socket direct output.And it has functional characteristics such as turning on in order and turning off in reverse order ,accurate voltage display and  external trigger.And its output power socket specifications is flame-retardant ABS material, phosphor copper material that can withstand up to 13A current, standard universal socket.The main power wiring is thickened and thickened twice.