USB Wireless Microphone

USB wireless microphone, multi-use scenarios, plug-and-play, no driver required. Can be used for computers, TV,live streaming, recording, online classes and more.

Handheld Microphone Specifications
Microphone core type Moving coil type
Pickup Method Cardioid Directional
Frequency range 500 – 980MHz
RF bandwidth 60MHz
Number of frequency points 48
Transmitting power 10mW
Frequency response 30Hz – 16KHz
Dynamic range 96dB
Harmonic radiation <-50dBc
Distortion <0.1%
Power supply method USB

Receiver Specifications
Frequency range 500-980 MHz
RF bandwidth 60MHz
Number of frequency points 2*48
Signal to Noise Ratio 96dB
Receiving sensitivity -95dBm
Frequency Response 30Hz – 16KHz
Distortion 0.05%
Dynamic range 100dB
Receiving delay 2.5ms
Power Supply USB