Wireless Conference Microphone TD460U

Wireless transmitter
●Operating frequency:650-780MHz ; Modulation mode:Broadband FM ; Number of channels:100 ; Frequency stability:±0.005% ;
●Maximum offset:±45kHz ; Audio frequency response: 60Hz-16kHz (±3dB) ; Channel interval:300kHz ; Dynamic range:100dB
●Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio:>95dB ; Comprehensive distortion:≤0.5%
●Working distance: 80m (in the case of ideal environment) ; Operating ambient temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Wireless Receiver
●Carrier frequency:650-780MHz(adjustable) ; Power adapter using voltage: AC110V-230V 50Hz/60Hz (please use according to the case and power adapter label)
●DC input voltage:DC12-DC15V 1500mA ; Power consumption:13W ; S/N signal-to-noise ratio:≥95dB
●T.H.D distortion:<0.5%  ; Frequency response: 60Hz -16kHz

This wireless meeting system includes one receiver and four transmitter microphones.The main equipment has a 4-channel wireless conference host and 4 wireless conference microphones. Using UHF650MHz~780MHz frequency band, applying PLL frequency synthesis phase-locked loop technology, adjustable frequency, adjustable transmitting power, avoiding interference frequency. Integrated central processing unit CPU bus control, with digital LCD interface display, free operation and outstanding performance. Using multi-level narrowband high frequency and intermediate frequency selective filtering to fully eliminate interference signals. Using audio compression and expansion technology, the noise is greatly reduced, and the dynamic range is increased. Equipped with feedback howling suppression and weakening function, which can effectively reduce the feedback howling.The receiver adopts multi-level high frequency amplification, which has extremely high sensitivity . Multiple noise monitoring circuit, special ID identification code verification system, so that it has unparalleled anti-interference characteristics.The selection of excellent chips and high-quality parts makes the sound quality of this machine extremely excellent. The maximum use range of space is 100 meters, and the ideal use range of space is 60 meters. Hand microphone, headwear and lapel clip can be selected at will.Adopt LCD display to display relevant information.