IR Chairman unit microphone TD878c

●Audio channel Communication method: IR wireless method Number of channels: 4 channels Frequency range: 6MHz-8MHz Modulation method: FM Receiving sensitivity: -85dBM Output level: -10dB Frequency response: 100Hz-8KHz Signal to noise ratio:> 70dB Distortion: <0.5% Infrared transmission distance: 10 meters

●Control Channel Communication method: wireless Number of channels: 5 channels Frequency range: 915MHz-925MHz Modulation method: FSK Receiving sensitivity: -80dBM Transmitting power: 10dBM (adjustable) Speed: 100KBPS Signal coverage: 100 meters

●System Built-in power supply: lithium polymer battery 12V/4500MAH Power: 8W Working temperature: 0℃-40℃ Size: 220×155×69mm

It uses  IR transmission technology.The microphone unit has an independent ID number, which can be easily installed and avoid duplication of ID numbers. The ID number of the microphone unit can be reset through the front panel of the conference host or the application software .Using a cardioid directional microphone, supporting the “hot swap” of the line, the microphone pole is detachable, and the length of the microphone pole is optional (conventional: 42cm). With video positioning and tracking function, voting and voting functions can be expanded. Large LCD display, which can display signal strength, battery power, charging status, power supply status, microphone switch status, microphone ID number, system control channel number and corresponding operation dynamic key instructions.The microphone has a single key (ON/OFF) and indicator light to control the speaking state.The microphone has a five-key operation button, which can set the contrast and backlight time of the LCD screen.The microphone has a voice-activated automatic shutdown function: after the microphone is turned on, if no sound is picked up for 99 seconds, the microphone will automatically turn off.The microphone net head has a light ring, which can display the status of the microphone.The microphone will automatically shut down after 60 seconds when the communication is abnormal. After the microphone is turned on, the signal strength can be displayed. When the receiving/transmitting surface of the microphone is blocked, the LCD screen will display “IR signal abnormality!” and it will be automatically muted.The chairman has a priority control button, which can start the system prompt to remind all attendees to pay attention, and can set the permanent termination of all speaking and waiting for the microphone function (the chairman unit does not limit each other).