True Diversity Wireless Microphone TD980U

Wireless Receiver
●Carrier frequency band:UHF610~920MHz  ;Number of channels: Dual channels
●Receiving mode:True diversity receiving ; Modulation mode: FM
●Oscillation mode: PLL phase-locked frequency synthesis
●Sensitivity: S/N>60dB at an offset equal to 25kHz and 6dBv input ; Maximum offset:±45kHZ ;                                                                                                                                                          ●Comprehensive T.H.D:<0.7%@1KHz ; Comprehensive S/N ratio:>105dB ; Comprehensive frequency response:45Hz~18kHz±3dB
●Power supply:DC12V~16V 10W ; Output socket: XLR parallel type and 6.3 non-parallel type socket ; Working distance:100~200m(open area)


True diversity performance wireless microphone, which can support the performance in large occasions, adopts the most precise circuit design, can ensure the long-distance movement and reception of handheld microphone, has strong anti-interference ability, and the sound is stable and undistorted within 100-200m.