Wireless Conference Microphone TD914U

Technical parameters

  •  Operating frequency: 530-990MHz ; Modulation mode: Wideband FM ; Number of channels: 50
  • Channel interval: 300kHz ; Frequency stability:±0.005% ; Dynamic range: 100dB ; Maximum offset: ±45kHz
  •  Audio frequency response: 60Hz-16kHz (±3dB) ; Comprehensive signal-to-noise ratio: >95dB ; Comprehensive distortion: ≤0.5%
  • Working distance: 80m (in the case of ideal environment) ; Working ambient temperature: -10℃~+50℃


  • Carrier frequency: 550-980MHz (adjustable) ; Power adapter voltage: AC110V-230V 50Hz/60Hz (please use according to the case and power adapter markings)
  • DC input voltage: DC12-DC15V 1500Ma ; Power consumption: 13W ; S/N signal-to-noise ratio: ≥95dB ; T.H.D distortion: <0.5% ; Frequency response: 60Hz -16kHz


Apply PLL frequency synthesis phase-locked loop technology to avoid interference frequency ;  CPU bus control, with digital LCD interface display, free operation and outstanding performance;   Multi-stage narrow-band high-frequency and intermediate-frequency selective filtering to fully eliminate interference signals; Audio compression-expansion technology greatly reduces noise and increases dynamic range; The feedback howling suppression and weakening function can effectively reduce the feedback howling; The receiver adopts multi-stage high frequency amplification, which has extremely high sensitivity;  Multiple noise monitoring circuits and a special ID identification code verification system make it super anti-interference;Ideal space use range of 80 meters.