Wireless Microphone TD380U

Receiver parameter:

Oscillation: PLL syntheized

Carrier Ferquency Range:UHF 500MHz~800MHz

Frequency Stability:±0.001%

Modulation Mode:FM

S/N Ratio:>105dB


Sensitivity:1.2/UV @S/N=12dB

Power Supply:DC:12V~15V

Audio Output:Free standing 0~400mV Mixed style 0~300mV

Shoot machine parameter:

Power Supply:3V (1.5V AA*2)

Consume an electricity quantity:100mA

Carry a frequency:UHF 500MHz~800MHz

Frequency stability:±0.005%

Max.eviation Range:±30KHz

S/N Ratio:>60dB

F/N Ratio:>80dB

Dynamic range:≥100dB


Polar psttern:One direction

Frequency Resonse:40Hz~20KHz


1. UHF band transmission signal, frequency range: 500-800MHz.

2. Dual-channel receiving signal, each channel has 100 channels to choose from, each channel with 350KHz step; each channel with 35MHz*2=70MHz.

3. Using stable PLL digital phase-locked loop synthesis technology and intelligent digital circuit, the performance stability of the whole machine is significantly improved.

4. each channel is equipped with a unique ID number to enhance the anti-interference function and support the use of 10 stacked machines (i.e. 10 receivers and 24 transmitters)

5. built-in high-efficiency noise suppression line, anti-whistle function is significant.

6. 2 rubber receiving antennas set on the back of the receiver to enhance the received signal, generous and decent appearance.

7. back with 3 balanced outputs and 1 mixed unbalanced output, suitable for connecting various external devices.

8. no longer limited to a single launch can only be paired with a single channel, the same launch can be interoperable in two channels of 200 channels, showing the humane high-tech design.

9. ultra-silent light touch switch, lightly press 0.5S to open into the working state.

10. microphone power consumption of 80mA, using 1.5V battery (2) power supply, can be used continuously for 6 hours (with high-end battery).

11. Host and transmitter are equipped with LCD screen display work status and other content

12. Use distance: open environment: 80-120 meters complex environment: 50-80 meters

13. Suitable for various teaching, conference and speech occasions.

Can be handheld / seat microphone / lavalier / headset